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Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan being so married (BTS)
↳ “Jamie has a fluffer”

 My tastes are very singular, you wouldn’t understand.


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The Trailer Arrives This Thursday.  #FiftyShades

And so it begins.

Bagong buhay

Medyo mahangin sa labas.

Actually, I was just searching for his twitter account. Hahahaha. Gaaaahd.

Day 18 - I was asked to degas a certain reagent. And that’s what I did for Stability that day. The rest of the day, I helped my classmate with the RMARs that needs to be arranged.

Day 19 & 20 - Evaluation of RMARs

Day 21 - First with Raw materials section. Loss on drying of Lagundi leaves, Analysis of moisture content of lagundi and malunggay leaves. Ma’am Carmi was the one who supervised me. At first I thought she was a snob but it turns out she’s really funny. Actually I have 4 bosses there [ Ma’am Jen (from the analysis of RMAR), Ma’am Katy, and Ma’am Josh]. Their supervisor ( Ma’am Amy) is a Thomasian from the Faculty of Pharmacy, I think.

Day 22 - Preparation of 1N NaOH. Labeling of the test solutions, Moisture content of lagundi leaves

Day 23 - Preparation of 1N NaOH again. It turns out that the dilution of the NaOH that Ma’am Carmi did was wrong so I have to repeat weighing ang filtering again for a very long time. The prepared NaOH was found to be 1.002 N.

Day 24 - Thin layer chromatography and Loss on drying for lagundi leaves

Day 25 - Moisture content and bulk density for lagundi powder and whole dried leaves. They have this equipment where in you will place 10 grams sample on a graduated cylinder and place the graduated cylinder on the equipment and the equipment will jump so that the sample will go down to determine the volume of the sample. The 10 grams that was measured earlier will be divided by the volume in order to obtain the bulk density. Specific gravity and refractive index of orange oil. Actually, I was amazed with their refractormeter. What we have in the university was like a microscope thing. Theirs was a pocket size one and it’s much quicker to obtain the refractive index.

Day 26 - Bulk density again, water bath and LOD of Lagundi powder.

Day 27 - The analysts from the laboratory went on their team building so there were only few people in the laboaratory. Ma’am Katy and Ma’am Josh were the only ones left in the RM Section. Ma’am Katy was already doing the documentation part for the lagundi leaves. So Ma’am Josh asked me to do the FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) analysis of ascorbic acid after I got the moisture content of the lagundi powder that Ma’am Carmi asked me in advance (Day 26). There were 240 samples that need to be analyzed but Ma’am Josh asked me to finish 100 samples for the whole day. However by lunch time, I already finished 70 samples so Ma’am Josh asked me if I can finish 140 samples, I said I’ll try. By 4:10 I already managed to finish 150 samples and I stopped there because it’s almost the end of our working time.


A kitten aboard a floating Victoria water lily pad in the Philippines, 1935.Photograph by Alfred T. Palmer, National Geographic Creative